U14 Tryouts
Plymouth Youth
Soccer Association

# Updated 7/8/2013 #

U14 Girls Tryout team selections                                     U14  Boys Tryout team selections
* Please note that every player will be placed on a team there are no cuts.  All remaining players not listed below will be placed on teams in the U14 age group for the Fall season.  The girls U14 division will have 5 teams in total and the boys U14 division will have 3 teams in total.

Head Coach: Kirk Leavitt                                                 Head Coach: Phil Krueger
MYSA & USSF Licenses                                                          USSF National D License, MYSA G,F,E

 Balboni, Isabella                                                              Riley, Jimmy
 Buchanan, Jessica                                                            Malia, Cameron 
 Duffley, Emily                                                                 Gouveia, Sam
 Falcone, Isabella                                                              Imrie, Carter
 Gallerani, Meghan                                                           Pereira, Brendan
 Genduso, Tessa                                                                Fuller, Mason
 Holland, Jessica                                                               Fuller, Austin
 Krueger, Kaitlyn                                                              Gustin, Cole
 Leary, Courtney                                                               Dwyer, Jake
 Leavitt, Molly                                                                  Johnson, Marcus                                                                 
 Liddy, Sean Catherine                                                     Anderson, Matthew
 Martin, Brianna                                                               Anderson, Ryan
 McPherson, Mia                                                              O'Leary, Matthew
 McPherson, Laurel                                                          Coffee, Declan 
 Melillo, Cara                                                                   Levy, Paul
 Sinewick, Alexis                                                             Baier, Alex
 Smith, Jennifer                                                                Stranzel, Jasper
 Tavekelian, Jadyn                                                           Pullen, Alexander
 Turner, Jaclyn
 Whalen, Faith

Plymouth Youth Soccer U14 BOYS & GIRLS Tryouts

Tryouts will be conducted on Monday 6/24 and Tuesday 6/25 from 5-7:15pm by Challenger Sports staff members on behalf of PYSA. The Challenger staff working with PYSA coaches will select the best candidates based on tryout results and personal observations. Within 5 days of the final tryout the travel team selections will be posted on the PYSA website. Each player will be contacted to see if they would like to accept a position on the team or decline the position electing to stay with their recreational team (normal process based on geography/last coach played for etc.). The choice is with each player/family. All boys/girls interested are encouraged to tryout and if they choose not to tryout or decline the position they will still be placed on a team for the Fall 2013 season.

Eligible age group for the U14 division: Beginning Birthdate: 9/1/1999 and Ending Birthdate: 8/31/2001


LOCATION            DATES         TIMES

Forges Field #1        6/24               Boys U14 from 5-6pm
Girls U14 from 6-7:15pm

Forges Field #1        6/25               Boys U14 from 5-6pm
Girls U14 from 6-7:15pm

  • IMPORTANT – to be eligible to tryout each player must be registered and paid with PYSA prior to tryouts.  After the player is registered please complete the tryout registration form below.


Boys & Girls U14 - Tryout Pre-Registration Form

Each player should bring a passport size photo with the player name and date of birth on the back, a soccer ball, and a water bottle. Please wear a white shirt to tryouts.
All Players are encouraged to attend both tryout events

Players First Name: *
Players Last Name: *     
Gender: *
Parent/Guardian Full Name: *
Address Street: *
City: *
Zip Code: * (5 digits)
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone: *
Email: *

Each player should bring a passport size photo with the player name and date of birth on the back, a soccer ball and a water bottle. Please wear a white shirt to the tryouts. Players are encouraged to attend both days of tryouts.

The goal of this travel program is to build a competitive Division 1 program that is tryout based and presents players with another level of training and competition while staying true to PYSA's core mission "...to assist and foster the development of soccer and to promote sportsmanship and goodwill among its members. It is based on the premise that all children and young adults within the town shall be given the opportunity to play soccer regardless of: sex, creed, religion, economic factors, national origin or ability.

Thank you,