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Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL) link:

Plymouth Youth Soccer Association is part of the CYSL which is our regional league affiliate to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) who is our directive organization.  The Executive Board holds responsibility for Plymouth Youth Soccer but all rules and regulations which we adhere to come from MYSA.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA):


Mass Youth Soccer Age appropriate Coaching plans & curriculum

Statewide Coaching Curriculum
U6 Practice Plans
U8 Practice Plans
U10 Practice Plans
U12 Practice Plans
U14-U18 Practice Plans

UEFA Training Ground - Information on Training, 
Skills, Drills, Team Tactics and Strategies

Ask a Soccer Referee
CORI Information link

If you are CORI cleared with an expiration date of 7/18/2016 or later, your clearance information should have been uploaded into the Adult Registration System and can be accessed by registering as a returning user with the email address you used on your previously submitted CORI request.  If you are not CORI cleared or your clearance expires 7/17/2016 or prior we did not upload your information into the Adult Registration System and you would need to register as a new user.

Please follow the link below to check your CORI clearance; it is in alphabetical order by organization name.

Coaches Corner

SCORE REPORTER - During the season it is required that we receive your scores by the Wednesday after your last game.  

U10 through U19 Scores are Required for each game.


If you are having problems using the online form please e-mail the following information:

1. Date of game
2. Age Group (example U12)
3. Gender (M or F)
4. Your team name (example plymouth1)
5. Your Name
6. Your score
7. Opponent score
8. Opponent town/team name (example hull1)
9. Comments if needed
Send via e-mail to:


Practice Field - PYSA requires that you request a field for practice once per season.  Do this as soon as you receive your roster or after the coaches meetings.



Make up Game - If you have to reschedule a game please follow the instructions before requesting a date and time for the makeup.  Also check your CYSL book and follow the laws of the league.  It is recommended that a makeup game is played within two weeks of the original scehduled game.

Standings - In order to know your standings we need your scores, so make sure to get them in by habit.  You need to report your scores if your team is U10 through U19.


PYSA Constitution version 3/23/2006

PYSA Constitution - This amended version of the 2/21/2005 PYSA Constitution is available for your viewing using PDF reader.