# Updated 3/27/2021 #
Grade 5/6 - 7/8 Boys & Girls Tryout information Spring 2021

* There will be no tryouts for the Boys 7/8 program.

Thank you to all the families and players that participated in our 2019 tryouts, we had a great group of players attending tryouts both to see if they could make our division 1 program but also just to get some tryout experience and give us some good information about the level of our players at these age groups.
* To be eligible to tryout each player must be registered and paid for the Spring 2021 season in addition to submitting the tryout pre-registration form below,  Complete and submit the form below and please make sure your are registered through the registration link above.  Please note that every player will be placed on a team, there are no cuts. All players not selected for tryout teams will be placed on teams in the grade 5/6 & 7/8 divisions for the Spring season.

Coach selections for Spring 2021

Girls 7/8 Head Coach: EJ Durgin​

Taylor Curtis
Dani Coffey
Olivia O'Toole

Jessica Durgin
Haley Carman
Amelia Finley
Mia Dibiasio
Sophie Mitchell
Izzy Muir
Cora Gervasi
Ella Moreira
Sophie Lasnicki
Shea Braz
Paige Connell
Addison Stuart
Katie Anderson

Boys 7/8 Head Coach: Sean Quinn

Charles Bishop
Raphael Rocha
John Victor De Souza
Pedro Henrick De Souza
Liam Hicks
John Sjostedt IV
Sebastian Contrino
Landon matewsky
Devin Dwyer
Danny Ryan
Alexander ROMBOLDI
Anthony Lyons
Evan Jones
Nolan Murphy
Bensen Hess
Jack Riley
Andrew Dixon
Brycen Kumm
Cole Brooks
Noal Quinn

Plymouth Youth Soccer Grade 5/6/7/8 BOYS & GIRLS Tryouts
Tryouts will be conducted on Friday March 19 from 5-8pm for Girls 5-8 and Saturday March 20 from 11:30AM to 12:30PM for Boys 5-6.  PYSA coaches will select the best candidates based on tryout results and personal observations. Our goal is to post the results of the tryout team selections before March 24th.  They will be posted on the PYSA website. Each player will be contacted to see if they would like to accept a position on the team or decline the position electing to stay with their recreational team (normal process based on geography/last coach played for etc.). The choice is with each player/family.  All boys/girls interested are encouraged to tryout and if they choose not to tryout or decline the position they will still be placed on a team for the Spring 2021 season.



Sacred Heart HS March 19, 2021     5:15 to 6:15PM

399 Bishops Hwy, Kingston, MA 02364
*Indoor, gym entrance is located behind the building

Sacred Heart HS March 19, 2021     6:45 to 7:45PM
399 Bishops Hwy, Kingston, MA 02364
*Indoor, gym entrance is located behind the building

Sacred Heart HS March 20, 2021     11:30AM to 12:30PM
399 Bishops Hwy, Kingston, MA 02364
*Indoor, gym entrance is located behind the building

• IMPORTANT *  to be eligible to tryout each player must be registered and paid with PYSA prior to tryouts.
After the player is registered please complete the tryout registration form below.
Boys & Girls - Tryout Pre-Registration Form
Each player should bring a soccer ball, shin guards,and a water bottle.  Please wear a white shirt to tryouts.
All Players are encouraged to attend both tryout events

Boys 5/6 Head Coach:  Brendan Carman

Nathan Perry
Nathan Baldwin
Andrew Carman
Ryan Aprea
Grayson Merril
Brian Kirk
Alex Sarris
Paul Selig
Sanya Ogundipe
Liam Krantz
Cole Kelliher
Luke Shriner
Dillon Wright


Tryout submission form

Girls 5/6 Head Coach:  DJ Kelleher

Karina Andrews
Rebeckah Lacerda
Elsie Levenson
Sophia Long
Sophia Lyons
Maggie McGaughey
Lindsay Moriarty
Keira Moriarty
Evangeline Muir
Meghan Riley
Lila Selig
Grace Stewart
Sophie Walter