PYSA - The Rock of Recreational Youth Soccer    

PYSA Mission

Plymouth Youth Soccer Associations mission shall be to assist and foster the development of soccer and to promote sportsmanship and goodwill among its members.  It is based on the premise that all children and young adults within the town shall be given the opportunity to play soccer regardless of: sex, creed, color, religion, economic factors, national origin or ability.

PYSA Executive Board

President - Phil Krueger

Executive Vice President - Dave Coutts

Treasurer - Sue DeFelice

Secretary - April Luizzi

Vice President of Girls - John Bowen

Vice President of Boys - EJ Durgin

Appointed members of the Executive Board are

Registrar - Carole Bowen


Manager of Equipment Purchasing - DJ Kelleher

Referee Coordinator Ross Maki

Field & Practice Coordinator - Maryann Amber

PYSA also appoints Committee Chairpersons which support the Executive Board by, Fund Raising, Field Support, and many other positions which contribute to the support and growth of PYSA.

Please contact PYSA if you are interested in participating in any of these committees.

Who is PYSA