Plymouth Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) has developed this document to help you understand what to expect and what is required as a parent/guardian for the registration process.

FIRST TIME REGISTERING - There are two methods of regsitering your child with Plymouth Youth Soccer Association (PYSA).  The first is right here on the PYSA web site and the second is in person on one of two pre-scheduled days and times which we will be posted on the PYSA web site.  If this is your first time registering your child with PYSA you will need to send a copy of your child’s birth certificate to PYSA or hand deliver it during one of our two in-person registrations.  However, you can still register your child online at this time and please send your child's birth certificate to: PYSA - Attn: Registrar – PO Box 960 – Plymouth, MA 02362

ZERO Tolerance and Codes of conduct

As a member of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, Plymouth Youth soccer adopts all Code of Conduct policies developed by MYSA Board of Directors.  The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors approved the implementation of Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Parents, Players and Referees and a Zero Tolerance Policy by unanimous consent in January 2023.   All codes of conduct policies will be in use by Plymouth Youth Soccer immediately.  Please read and know the policies linked below:

PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED CHILDREN - If you have already used our online registration system you will have a username and password from the last time you registered.  If you do not remember the username and password you can request it by selecting “forgot password” to get your information sent to you.

PAYMENT METHOD – There is one payment method when registering online which is discussed below. and if you register at one of our two in-person registrations you will be able to pay by personal check or cash.

CREDIT CARD – Payments are best for everyone involved.  Easy to do and this ensures that your child is placed on a team.

UNIFORMS – PYSA purchases your uniform based on what you will enter during the online registration process or on the form during an in-person registration.  PYSA has a uniform sizing chart during the online registration process which we use to order your child's uniform.  The sizing chart is to assist with getting your soccer player the correct sized uniform (PLEASE USE IT).  PYSA tries to review all of the uniform orders but we do not know every child who gets registered.  If something looks incorrect PYSA may contact you to verify your request.  Uniforms which do not fit due to an incorrect size selection will first need to be worked out with the team coach to see if another player’s uniform can be swapped, but if a uniform can’t be found you may be asked to purchase an additional uniform if PYSA doesn’t have any spare uniforms available.

LATE REGISTRATION – PYSA will charge a late fee of $30 for Registrations that are requested after the close of the online registration or not completed at the in Person Registration.

REGISTRATION CANCELLATION – PYSA will refund a portion of the registration fee if you decide to cancel your child’s registration and the refund amount will vary season to season based on actual fees which PYSA pays for each child to play soccer.  If your child became ill or has been injured prior to starting the season we will extend your registration for the next season if you want.  For ill or injured cancelations please provide a Doctor’s prescription letter to the PYSA Registrar by mail.

TEAM MEETING – PYSA will meet with your child’s coach 1 week to 2 weeks before the season start.  Our season starts typically the first week in April for the Spring Season and the first week of September for the Fall Season.  Please do not call PYSA unless you have not received a call from a coach 3 days prior to the seasons start date.

* If you accept the terms as listed above and want to register your child select the ACCEPT button below

** If you do not understand the terms listed above you may want to contact the PYSA Registrar by email before registering, .